Validating Tag #57699...

4 errors
  • No <stroke> tags - at least 1 stroke required
  • No <pt> tags - GML requires at least 1 point. This isn't 'EmptyML'
  • Missing <x> tags inside your <pt>'s
  • Missing <y> tags inside your <pt>'s
5 warnings
  • No <time> tags in your <pt> tags! Capturing time data makes things much more interesting.
  • No <client> tag - provide some info about your app!
  • No <environment> tag
  • No <up> tag in your <environment> - is this horizontal or landscape?!
  • No <screenBounds> tag in your <environment> - otherwise apps might draw it in the wrong aspect ratio
2 recommendations
  • No <uniqueKey> tag - includign a unique device ID of some kind lets users pair their 000000book accounts with your app, e.g. iPhone uuid, MAC address, etc
  • You don't have any tabs. Indenting is the bomb yo