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Screen shot 2010 01 11 at 4.18.26 am small canvasplayer Jamie Wilkinson javascript jamiedubs.com/canvasplayer more »
Dusttag screencap small Graffiti Analysis 2.0: DustTag Chris Sugrue and Evan Roth openframeworks graffitianalysis.com/iphone/ more »
App small Vanderplayer Todd Vanderlin flash toddvanderlin.com/content/000000book more »
Laser grafitti small LASER Tag Theo Watson, Zach Lieberman openframeworks graffitiresearchlab.com more »
Eye writer small EyeWriter Theo Watson, Zach Lieberman, Chris Sugrue, James Powderly, Evan Roth & others openframeworks eyewriter.org more »
Screen shot 2010 01 11 at 4.33.54 am small Experimental 3D renderer Ben Hopkins flash kode80.com/graf more »
Webmarker small Webmarker Tobias Leingruber, Jamie Wilkinson, Greg Leuch, Florian Strübe javascript webmarker.me more »
Amaze 1 small Graffiti Analysis Chris Sugrue and Evan Roth openframeworks graffitianalysis.com more »
Robotagger small GML->DXF Converter Golan Levin processing fffff.at/gml-robotagger/ more »
Gmldisplay square small Random GML Theremin cyancdesign (GML), Schell Scivally (theremin source) flash www.cyancdesign.com/swf/theremin.html more »
Bones small bareb0nes manolis perrakis flash art.manorius.com/bareb0nes more »
Gmlsmall small Fat Tag Deluxe - Katsu Edition Theo Watson openframeworks fffff.at/fattag-deluxe-katsu-edition/ more »
Screen%20shot%202010 07 15%20at%2012.14.38%20pm small 000000bot 000000bot Team (??) other 000000bot.wordpress.com/ more »
Screen%20shot%202010 07 15%20at%2012.33.17%20pm small PrintBot recyclism other vimeo.com/10032664 more »
Screen%20shot%202010 07 15%20at%2012.31.11%20pm small GMLStenciler Charlie, Golan Levin openframeworks www.flong.com/blog/2010/gml-stenciler/ more »
000book now with thumbnails small GMLImageRenderer Muharrem Yildirim python github.com/myildirim/GMLImageRenderer more »
Icon small WebGML player Cyril Diagne (@kikko_fr) javascript kikko.fr/lab/webgl/gmlplayer/gmlPlayer.html more »
App small PlaceMarker Yanik Magnan other github.com/Sakurina/placemarker more »
Gml2kml img2 small kml2gml yang02 processing yang02.org/kml2gml/ more »
App small ofxGmlUploader danomatika openframeworks https://github.com/danomatika/ofxGmlUploader more »
App small GML4U Jerome Saint-Clair processing saint-clair.net more »
App small Anthony Manners mijosproject flash more »
Gml%20copie small Graffiti Mobile Library Jérémy Richard other more »
App small metTag Dan Moore openframeworks more »